• Concrete Tomatoes

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  • The tomato industry continues to grow in Jacksonville. “We are happy to announce a smaller concrete tomato is now available,” said Tam Nannen, Chairwoman of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber Board recently approved the idea of a smaller tomato due to the interest of the local citizens and businesses. The Kiwanis Club and Rotary Club covered the mold fee to keep the cost of the smaller tomato at a price of $150.00.

    Over 335 of the 665 lb. concrete tomatoes have been sold so far since the beginning of the project that started in late 2010. Randy Gorham, Treasurer of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce prompted this project, which has been a positive project promoting Jacksonville and the tomato industry. There are tomatoes in Houston, LaPorte, West Texas and even in Ding Dong, Texas. The 665 lb. concrete tomatoes are $250 each, which includes delivery by Harry’s Building Materials.

    Randy Gorham, stated, “Who would have ever thought that we would sell over 300 of these large tomatoes? I thought if we could just get a few out on the street corners it would brighten up our downtown area. Now, with the smaller tomatoes, hopefully we will see an equal amount of these ‘cherry tomatoes’ springing up in folk’s front yards throughout our town!”

    “The concrete tomatoes have given Jacksonville a unique way to celebrate the heritage of our community! I plan to be the first in my neighborhood to have one of the smaller tomatoes in my flowerbed! My three-year old grandson calls the tomatoes ‘tomato statues’ and wants to drive around to see them every time he is in Jacksonville. I can hardly wait to see his face when he sees that his meme has one at her house!” stated Tam Nannen, Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Chairwoman of the Board.

    The first shipment of 43 “cherry” tomatoes and 10 “big” tomatoes were delivered on Valentine’s Day. The smaller tomatoes are $150 and the larger tomatoes are $250, which includes delivery.

    Our goal… to have a tomato at every corner in the community. Order forms are now available at the Chamber office located inside the Norman Activity Center, 526 E. Commerce

    Own a Concrete Tomato

    The concrete tomato project was created to bring Jacksonville together as a community, and grown tremendously since its inception and implementation.

    Anyone can buy a concrete tomato, regardless of whether you're a Chamber member or not... a business or individual.... or local or a few miles away... There have been several folks from all over Texas who have purchased a tomato to take home with them.

    Each large tomato costs $250, which includes applicable taxes. The new smaller tomato costs $150. You may also purchase a 16" X 16" concrete pad to rest under your tomato, which is recommended if you intend to place it on a grassy area. The pad is only an additional $5.00 fee.

    If you live in the Jacksonville area, you will be contacted to coordinate delivery. Please allow up to two weeks for your tomato to be delivered. If you live outside the Jacksonville area, then you will have to arrange a way to transport your tomato to your home or business.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.