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  • Why Phil and Marlene Jowell chose Jacksonville, Texas!

    "Many years ago we acquired a cabin at Lake Jacksonville as a weekend get-away from the rigors of big city life. Since then we have worked and lived in several states and three foreign countries. As we began to think about retiring we started evaluating and comparing each local we visited to see what amenities were offered that might appeal to retirees. But, each time we traveled, we couldn’t wait to get back to Jacksonville and the serene beauty of the lake. Nowhere else could compare with the life styles available in Jacksonville which provided us with lake amenities and good local services like theaters, restaurants, shopping, and medical facilities. We’ve now been retired here for several years and loving it.

    Our children and grandchildren visit often and like to boat, hike, swim and fish. We really enjoy participating in the area life by volunteering and participating in service organizations like Kiwanis and Rotary. We love the lake but many of our retired friends prefer their small farms or acreage or live in the city. In addition to lake activities we also enjoy taking road trips to the beautiful surrounding areas and participating in local events such as the Tomato Fest, Rodeo, Art Fairs, Holiday Parades, and Fourth of July Fireworks over the lake, ATV and motorcycle events.

    We want to keep Jacksonville our little secret, but it’s only fair to share it with you. When you think of a perfect retirement community, Jacksonville Texas should be number one on your list."

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    Jacksonville Texas...

    Where beautiful sunsets and breathtaking views are a part of everyday life.

    Jacksonville offers a variety of outdoor activities, antique shops, specialty boutiques, and fine dining, when all combined Jacksonville makes a destination of relaxation.

    Jacksonville is home to one of East Texas' most breathtaking views: Love's Lookout. Love's Lookout Visitor Center showcases the local area's natural year-round beauty and on the clearest days the visibility extends all the way to Louisiana. Love's isn't the only place in Jacksonville with luscious landscape. Lake Jacksonville offers a quiet living with its beautiful sunsets, calming water and great fishing.

    Jacksonville is also known for its numerous community events held throughout the year. Jacksonville Texas was once the Tomato Capital of the World and is currently the record holder for the World's Largest Bowl of Salsa at 2,672 pound. If you're looking for a new place to call home, come stroll through our neck of the woods, where majestic pines and blue lakes are the answer to everyday worries and cares.


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